love and hate that you’re completely right.” Anders straightened his posture and clapped his hands, causing both Chloe and Josie to jump in surprise. “Finally,” he sighed dramatically. “You have a friend who appreciates my input. When we get home, we’re replacing Maddie with Chloe.” Josie laughed. “When Maddie hears what you just said . . .,” She turned and wrapped her arms around Anders’s neck, her eyes filled with pity. “She’s going to make you pay.” Anders smirked and dropped his forehead to Josie’s. “You do that, and I’ll invite Owen and Walker over every time we make plans with Maddie and Holden. You know how much Holden loves them.” Josie’s face twisted with distaste. “Fine. You win. Now, stop being a dick.” Anders kissed the tip of Josie’s nose and straightened his back. “Chloe, do you need help with anything else because I’m ready to take Josie back to the hotel and do dirty fucking things to her.” Chloe’s hands once again found their way to her face as Josie’s skin flushed. “Nope. I’m all set. Thanks for everything.” Josie stepped away from Anders and wrapped her arms around Chloe. “I’ll be back in LA in a few days. I’ll let the movers in when they arrive. Send me your flight info and I’ll pick you up at the airport, then we’ll go to the house and get you settled. I’m so happy you’re going to be so close,” she added with a whisper. “Me too,” Chloe said, her voice thick. “Thank you for everything. I’m terrified, but knowing you’ll be there makes everything a little less scary.” “Everything is going to be fine. You’ll see.” With a final hug, Josie stepped back and slipped her hand in Anders’s. “However, if you don’t show up next week, I’ll assume your mother has you locked in her basement and I’ll send help accordingly.” Chloe laughed and crossed her arms, hugging herself. “She’ll have no option but to accept it once she realizes I’ve moved out of my apartment and shipped all my things to LA.” Josie’s eyes widened in understanding. “Ah, now it all makes sense. You were waiting until everything was already done so she couldn’t talk you out of it.” “Exactly.” “All right, you two will have all the time you want to chitchat soon enough. Right now, I’m going back to my five-star hotel and scrubbing away the grime of manual labor. Later, Chloe.” Anders tugged a giggling Josie into the hallway before disappearing around the corner and leaving Chloe alone once more. With a tired sigh, Chloe grabbed a blanket and stretched out across the sofa. She looked around the room with bleary eyes. The bare walls and stacks of boxes littering the floor caused her stomach to flutter with nerves as they confirmed once again that, when the sun rose in the morning, everything would be different.